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ViruSure GMP Certificate 2021 - in vitro Testing Facilities & GMP Storage
ViruSure GMP Certificate 2021 - in vivo Testing Facilities
ViruSure GLP Certificate 2021
ViruSure PMDA Certificate 2020
ViruSure Certificate "Crédit d'impôt recherche" (CIR) 2020
ViruSure Certificate from Oxford Nanopore (Certified Service Provider)


Brochure releases
ViruSure Brochure 2020

Fact Sheets

Document Name
Mycoplasma qPCR1 Services
Prion Clearance DS
QC Testing Services DS
ViruSure Disinfection Services Overview
ViruSure GMP Storage Services
ViruSure Identity Testing
ViruSure Virus Clearance


Document Name
White paper "Development of a state-of-the-art Mycoplasma qPCR Assay"
ATMPs & Virus Safety
Controlling Risks from Animal Derived Components
Current Issues in Virus Validation
IMPs Guidelines
Managing the Risks
The Battle Against Prions
Virus_contamination Control

Virus Safety Workshop - September 2022

Document Name
Pathogen Safety Testing - Ralf Klein
Virus Clearance Studies- Basic Principles and New Approaches- Katy Lorineau
New Challenges in Virus Filtration - Continuous Manufacturing, Use of Virus Filter as an Upstream Barrier - Roya Dayani
The Emergence of SARS-CoV-2 and Neutralizing Antibodies in IG Plasma Products - Thomas R. Kreil
Virus reduction for Large Plasma Derived Proteins: Caprylic acid Treatment and UV-C Irradiation - Marcel Asper
Virus Safety Testing Challenges for ATMPs - Andy Bailey
Analytical Methodologies for Gene Therapy Products - Robert Pletzenauer
Future of Biosafety Testing – NGS the new tool - Hans-Peter Fasching
Case study: Virus contamination of Cell Bank. Use of NGS as Rapid Tool for Virus Identification - Tiffany Avory, Hans-Peter Fasching

Terms & Conditions

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ViruSure Terms & Conditions