Immune stimulation to protect against pathogens

Vaccines are biopharmaceutical products stimulating the immune system to fight against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa). Traditionally the pathogen itself in an attenuated or inactivated form has been exposed to the immune system for stimulation to allow to recognize the agent and to fight against the real infection.

Meanwhile recombinant or nucleic acid-based vaccines have been developed against components of the microbes like virus surface
proteins or toxins. Vaccines produced from mRNA have made headlines recently due to their clinical success in the protection
against SARS-CoV-2 infection. Vaccines are also developed to treat tumors or allergic diseases.

ViruSure provides a range of services to support developers of cell-based and viral vaccines. We will help you to ensure that your Seed Viruses, producer cells, virus harvest material and your final products are safe and free of adventitious agents. We have extensive experience in developing neutralization protocols where live vaccine virus interferes with our cell culture-based assays.

ViruSure offers the following services
for producers of vaccines (covering producer cells, virus seeds and recombinant vaccines):

Process Validation Studies
Pathogen Safety Testing
Genetic Stability
Cell/Virus Banking + Storage
In Vivo Tumorigenicity + Oncogenicity Studies
Potency Studies

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