GMP Cell & Virus Storage

Ensuring stability of your GMP cell and virus banks

The storage of critical biological products up to their point-of-use is a fundamental aspect of the GMP cell and virus banking system. Our GMP-compliant storage area offers dedicated or shared storage in standard freezers (-60°C), cryofreezer (-130°C), or in cryotank for storage in liquid nitrogen vapor phase at temperature below -150°C.

The storage temperature is continuously monitored, recorded and connected to a validated alarm system that triggers a 24/7 alarm call-out system. Freezers and back-up systems are connected to an emergency power supply to ensure full safety to the stored products in the event of equipment failure.

Our GMP storage area located at our Tech Gate facility in Vienna. Use ViruSure as you first or backup GMP storage site to ensure safe deposit of your virus or cell banks as well as other critical material.

Three Storage Options

Freezer Storage
for virus + bacteria stored in different freezers
(dedicated / non-dedicated)
Cryo Freezer Storage
for cell banks
(dedicated / non-dedicated)
Liquid Nitrogen Cryotank
for cell banks
(dedicated / non-dedicated)

The use of ultra-low deep freezers presents a safer environment for GMP cell banks by eliminating the handling issues associated with liquid nitrogen.

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