Subcontractor Partners

A qualified network of experts

Only a few services are subcontracted. It is ViruSure´s policy that only qualified subcontracting CRO´s, which have been audited by the ViruSure QA team, will be used for collaboration to perform part of the safety testing.

The Client will be notified about each individual assay which will be subcontracted. Due to our backup policy, we ensure at least two subcontractors for the outsourced tests. ViruSure will take full responsibility to coordinate the work to ship the test materials and to collect the individual reports. Master Service Agreements will be in place with each of our Subcontract labs. The results will be reported as Certificate of Analysis (CoA´s) or GLP reports and will be checked by our QA group.

What our Clients Say

Rhona Macdonald , Moredun Scientific (UK)

We are very satisfied with our sub-contractor relationship with ViruSure, they are pro-active, responsive and it is always a pleasure to work with them.