Gene Therapies

Advanced therapies curing or modifying genes

Gene therapy has brought hope to many diseases with unmet clinical need. The potential to permanently cure the patient through replacement of a defective gene with a healthy gene underscores the surge of interest in this exciting biopharma modality.

The most common method to deliver the gene of interest to the patient is by packaging the gene in a viral vector such as adeno-associated virus or lentivirus. The production of clinical quantities of these viral vectors relies on adherent or suspension cell culture. Depending on the process design, the cell line may be mammalian (e.g., HEK293 or HeLa) or others. Whether it is an ex vivo or in vivo gene therapy, ViruSure is the right partner ensuring biosafety of your therapy from clinical development up to commercialization.

Our services cover your need in virus and producer cell banking and testing, in virus clearance and in tumorigenicity & oncogenicity studies. Furthermore, ViruSure has a unique experience in developing virus neutralization assays and performing biodistribution studies in our state-of-the-art in vivo facilities.

ViruSure offers the following services
for producers of gene therapies (which includes the producer cells and viral vector):

Process Validation Studies
Gene Therapies
Pathogen Safety Testing + Cell /Virus Characterization
Genetic Stability
Cell/Virus Banking + Storage
In Vivo Tumorigenicity + Oncogenicity Studies
Potency Studies

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