Cell-Based Therapies

Using cells for patient treatment

Cell therapy is a rapidly advancing field that has revolutionized regenerative medicine and oncology. In case you are developing an autologous or allogeneic cell therapy, ViruSure offers in vitro potency studies as well as characterization and storage of primary and stem cell banks.

Our experienced team performs tumorigenicity and oncogenicity studies in established animal models to assure the safety of your therapy. Additionally, we take care of the pathogen safety of all your raw materials and supplements (e.g., media, growth factors, hormones, etc.) used for cell therapy production.

Learn how ViruSure experts can support you designing the risk assessment strategy for your cell therapy product.

ViruSure offers the following services
for producers of cell-based therapies:

Pathogen Safety Testing + Cell Characterization
Cell-Based Therapies
Genetic Stability
Cell Banking + Storage
In Vivo Tumorigenicity + Oncogenicity Studies
Potency Studies

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