Cell & Gene Therapy


Advanced therapy medicinal products are a new class of therapies based on genes, cells, viral vectors or tissues with groundbreaking treatment potential. ViruSure’s experience with cell and virus banks, biosafety studies, and biodistribution studies are a perfect match for cell and gene therapy (ATMP) developers.

Gene Therapies

Gene therapy has brought hope to many diseases with unmet clinical need. The potential to permanently cure the patient through replacement of a defective gene with a healthy gene underscores the surge of interest in this exciting biopharma modality.

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Cell-Based Therapies

Cell therapy is a rapidly advancing field that has revolutionized regenerative medicine and oncology. In case you are developing an autologous or allogeneic cell therapy, ViruSure offers in vitro potency studies as well as characterization and storage of primary and stem cell banks.

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Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is an emerging multidisciplinary ATMP field that aims to repair, regenerate or replace human tissue. It pursues a multi-faceted approach combining scaffolds with cell- and animalderived products aiming to the treatment of tissue defects and lesions.

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