Tissue Engineering

Repair, regeneration, or replacement of damaged tissue

Tissue engineering is an emerging multidisciplinary ATMP field that aims to repair, regenerate or replace human tissue. It pursues a multi-faceted approach combining scaffolds with cell- and animalderived products aiming to the treatment of tissue defects and lesions.

At first, the appropriate cells are required. The cells can be sourced from either the patient (autologous), a donor (allogeneic), or another species (xenogeneic). The scaffold, or matrix, serves as a biomaterial framework to support cell migration into the defect from surrounding tissues. The scaffold can be natural, synthetic, or a combination of materials. In addition, there could be regulator signals such as growth factors or other biomechanical/biochemical signals that induce tissue formation or modifications of cell characteristics.

For this combined therapy ViruSure offers a complete range of services covering the biosafety of both the scaffolding material, cell product and associated growth factors. For instance, for animalderived scaffolds/medical devices ViruSure can check prion or virus safety and removal during the manufacturing process via clearance studies.

ViruSure’s expertise will ensure safety of tissue engineering products and medical devices.

ViruSure offers the following services
for tissue engineering products and medical devices:

Process Validation Studies
Tissue Engineering
Pathogen Safety Testing + Cell Characterization
Genetic Stability
Cell Banking + Storage
In Vivo Tumorigenicity + Oncogenicity Studies
Potency Studies

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